Numbers—Concrete and Otherwise

A short while ago I asked my supervisor to dig up some safety training numbers for me. What she got back to me was astonishing. In fact, I’m so proud of the numbers she quoted that I decided that you, the OTC-blog-adoring public, should be privy to this information as well. So here are the numbers, for the last fiscal year.

Babysitters’ training and When I’m In Charge: 3,893.

Aquatics training: 6,627.

First Aid and CPR training: 33,071.

That’s 43,591 individuals taught and trained how to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. That’s 43,591 lives touched. Most importantly, that’s 43,591 individuals who stand at the ready to touch the lives of others with their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

While it’s easy to put a numerical value on the number of individuals we train, it is entirely impossible to know the number of lives touched through that training. As I often say, I hope that none of you ever has to put those lifesaving skills to use; however, the fact that you’re ready to touches far more than just my life. Thank you.