Survival of the Trained-est

That’s right, I just made up a word.

Because survival skills aren’t just something you’re born with. It takes some pretty in-depth training to learn how to get by when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, and I just found out that we’re offering a Wilderness First Aid course in April! This brand new course is apparently an essential for boy scouts to get their eagle badge, but after hearing the story at the Breakfast of Champions about Matty and Velvet who were stuck up on Mount Hood last year I’m thinking it should be essential for all of us outdoorsy Oregonians. It’s a combo of Mountaineering First Aid, “When Help Is Delayed,” and of course Wilderness First Aid basics. The course takes place over two days, April 19th and 26th.

What better way to get ready for your outdoor adventures!

You can sign up here or call 503-284-1234.

(p.s. I think we’ll be offering this course quarterly, but get in now before you start scheduling your summer camping trips!)