Happy Volunteer Week!

You know how I did a big thank you speech yesterday? Well I feel kind of bad because there’s one big group of people I was remiss in not thanking yet this whole week… Our volunteers.

This is National Volunteer Week, and I sure hope all you volunteers know that you’re appreciated! Volunteers make up the majority of our workforce. We literally couldn’t do our work without them. They do so much. They wake up in the middle of the night to respond to house fires, they leave homes and families for days (or weeks) at a time to respond to big disasters, they teach classes, they donate their time and creativity to design materials for us, they keep us sane by taking a bit of the load off our shoulders with everyday administrative tasks… etc.  (See here for some great stories about volunteers from around the country.)
And tomorrow they finally get to relax. We’re having our annual volunteer appreciation event on the Portland Spirit river cruise boat where our volunteers will get to eat, enjoy the scenery, and win some really cool party prizes. 
So thank you, volunteers! I hope you have a great time tomorrow.
(photo via www.portlandspirit.com)