China Earthquake: One Blogger Spreading Unique Inspiration Through Images

Wow. You have to check this out. This guy (Jeremiah Owyang, a web strategist in the Bay Area) is raising support for the China earthquake in the most unique and inspiring ways on his blog. 

1. Instead of showing images of all the destruction, he has posted a gallery of really beautiful shots he took on his travels to China pre-earthquake. A school, a beach, a flower, a wedding dinner, etc. All illustrations of our global similarities as well as the unique beauty of China. But I think I’m making it sound more overt and preachy than it really is. Just check it out for yourself.
2. More than 5,000,000 people in China are homeless. He decided to demonstrate the HUGE scale of this by adding up the equivalent sizes of several big US cities. This is really amazing. Check it out, and help spread the word by Digging it here
With both of these posts his goal is to inspire people to donate to the earthquake relief efforts or at least spread the message. I really hope it works. As of this moment it has 251 Diggs. I encourage you to share it wherever you can. I know I will. 
(Thanks to Wendy for the tip.)
(Photo via the gallery mentioned above.)