Nice Weather for Marching

The sun is finally beginning to show its bright shiny face in Portland, and it looks like it will be lovely weather this weekend.

This is great news since we (both OTC and Blood Services) are marching in the Pride Parade. I love parades, and I missed both the Starlight Parade (which we were also in) and the Grand Floral Parade this year so I’m glad I get to be in this one. If you’re watching the parade this weekend be sure to give us a wave, or if you’re a Red Crosser and want to march with us email Darcie Spar.

(p.s. We’re also going to be marching in the Good In The ‘Hood parade on June 28th, so mark your calendars. I’ll be blogging more about that when it gets closer.)

(Photos via Fickr/ DrStarbuck and PokPok313 )