Farewell, Old Chap!

You probably remember Gareth from the English tea party.  It should be self-evident after reading about the lengths to which coworkers went to plan his birthday that we are big fans of Mr. Nevitt. Which is why we’ll be sad to see him go. After more than five years with the Oregon Trail Chapter, Gareth – our Chief Operating Officer and head of Marketing/Communications –  is moving on. He’ll soon be bringing his many talents (including, of course, GEICO Gecko impersonations) to the Portland Art Museum. We had his going away party today (though his last day isn’t really until Friday…so you still have time to give him trouble about leaving!)

Here’s the flickr photo set from the party. And I think the words from Mark’s poem sum things up nicely: 
Gareth is now
Artward bound
Rolling like an
English pound
Things we’ll miss — 
His humor dry.
Numbers watched by
Eagle eye.
Very kind
In times of woe.
Take care, Gareth — 
Tally ho!