Vote For Us In The Shorty Awards!

Yesterday afternoon, a note popped up in Twhirl (our Twitter app).

@redcrosspdx, you were nominated by @kmcdade for a #nonprofits Shorty Award

It was a bit of a mystery…what were The Shorty Awards? As we discovered, the awards honor the best producers of short content (aka the top Twitterers) for 2008. And someone out there — Kathleen! — thinks we’re worthy!

Here’s what she said:

@shortyawards I nominate @redcrosspdx for a Shorty Award in #nonprofits because they give good info, do good stuff, and interact!

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, I hope you’ll consider adding your voice to our nomination. The instructions are easy — just go to the online entry form OR enter the following directly in Twitter:

@shortyawards I nominate @RedCrossPDX for a Shorty Award in #nonprofits because…

NOTE: Make sure you fill out the reason why or else your vote won’t be counted!

If you want more rules, click here. And if you want to follow our page to see if anyone else nominates us (hint, hint), click here.