International Update: Gaza

This morning I had a conference call with our International Services folks at national headquarters regarding the current crisis in Gaza. So I want to pass along the update to you:

– The fighting is causing damage to hospitals, water supply systems, government buildings and mosques. A number of water supply lines have been severed during bombardments, making it very difficult for families in certain areas of the Gaza Strip to get hold of safe drinking water.
– Of course, because hospitals have been affected, addressing the medical need is also a major priority for the ICRC who is working in cooperation with the Palestine Red Crescent Society and Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross, Magen David Adom, to provide the necessary medical personnel and supplies. (Including – interestingly – fuel to power hospital generators.)
– We (the American Red Cross) are sending $250,000 to the ICRC to aid in the humanitarian efforts. 
Those are the basics. For breaking news on the ICRC efforts, I suggest subscribing to the their press release RSS feed.  They’re generally pretty good about posting things right away.