Beef Bandage, Anyone?

First aid doesn’t seem like fun. I mean, you’re hurt and bleeding all over the place. Your bone has poked through your skin. You’re getting hot flashes and cold sweats and something’s all around wrong.

At that moment, you barely have the will to live, much less to have a sense of humor. That’s why we strongly suggest adding fun to your first aid kit RIGHT NOW.

One way to do this is to make yourself a great storage box. Or purchase one that you love.

Another way? Picking up some really fantastic bandages.

From bacon strips and pickles to crime scene tape and Jesus, these options should bring a smile after even the deepest cut.

Of course, bandages aren’t the only thing that should go in your kit. For a complete list of contents, go here. You can also buy a pre-made kit 24/7 from our store.