“Big earthquake coming sooner than we thought…”

That’s what the Oregonian headline says. And yes, they may be right. According to geologists it looks like the frequency of big (and I mean BIG) earthquakes in our neck of the woods is higher than previously thought. 

Intriguing news. And important for sure. But I have a question… Do predictions like this motivate you to get more prepared?
I’m just curious. I’m going to quote one of our favorite authors, Amanda Ripley, here: 
Yes, it is nice to know when the ground is about to shake and the sky is about to fall, but the hardest problem by far is what to do next—and how to motivate people to do it.

The final frontier is not picking a date for the apocalypse; it’s getting people to bolt their bookshelves to the walls and buy earthquake insurance in advance.

So what to you think? Do predictions motivate you? How about videos like this? If not, what do you think it would take?
Maybe we should do a poll…