20-Minute Neighborhoods and Emergency Response: A Potluck Presentation Tonight

A 20-minute neighborhood is one in which “you can walk to essential amenities and services in 20 minutes.” These “essential amenities” typicall refer to restaurants, schools, parks and other daily life kind of places. By this definition, Portland has quite a few of these 20-minute neighborhoods.

But in a disaster “essential” takes on another meaning. Hospitals, fire stations, and supply staging areas become daily needs. Having these resources nearby is particularly important in Portland – a city divided into multiple sections by rivers and bridges.

That’s why it’s great that Jeremy O’Leary – local sustainability and GIS mapping buff – is giving a potluck presentation tonight on building resilient 20-minute neighborhoods that integrate emergency response.

Check out Jeremy’s 20-minute neighborhood mapping slideshow before you go, and be sure to bring a snack for the potluck!

TONIGHT – Wednesday, July 15

7:00pm – 9:00pm
St. Francis Dining Hall, 1182 SE Pine St.