Starve Ian Somerhalder. Give Blood.

I’m either telling you about this a week late or a day early.

I prefer to think of it as the latter — you’re just extra-primed to watch Episode 2 of The Vampire Diaries tomorrow night on The CW.

Why should I watch, you might ask? Well, I’ll give you one really smokin’ crazy incredibly awesomely hot reason — the glorious Ian Somerhalder. Yes, Ian (also known as Boone on Lost and Paul Denton in The Rules of Attraction) makes my Top 10 list of hottest actors. That dark, dark hair. Those blue, blue eyes. That pale, pale skin.

As you can see, he’s just perfect for playing a vampire. Plus, he also really likes blood. And, if he wasn’t sexy enough already, he actually wants you to give it to the Red Cross. Check it out
And, hey, you celebrity cabinet people at NHQ, could you get on adding Ian to the roster? I can think of one Red Crosser who’d be REALLY happy about that!