Action-Packed Weekend

There’s no excuse for saying you’re bored this weekend! Here’s our list of recommended events:

Portland Tattoo Expo. We’ll be there today letting people know that they CAN still be eligible to give blood after getting a tattoo.
Portland Fashion Week. Some of our more fashion forward bloggers will be (and have already been) attending various events. And if you use code CROSS when buying your Fashion Week tickets, a portion of proceeds go to support the Red Cross.
Wordstock Festival. We’ll be there, as will Josh Neufeld, the author/artist behind the brilliant graphic novel A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge. We’ll even be raffling off a signed copy of his book.
Mercy Corps Action Center. We’re very excited for our colleagues in humanitarian work. Their amazing new space officially opened today, but tomorrow they’ll be hosting a slew of workshops, activities and concerts!