Halloween Red Cross Style

About this time each year I start to panic… what am I going to be for Halloween?! Next Friday is the Red Cross staff costume contest and I still have no idea. One year I dressed as a dead drummer from Spinal Tap (complete with skeleton t-shirt, leopard print pants, and crimped hair). I thought it was totally awesome, but nobody else understood it and I couldn’t sustain a British accent for the entire night. Costume fail.

If you’re also having a hard time figuring out a costume for this year, I’ve got some inspiration for you. How about showing off your Red Cross knowledge and support by dressing as:

-A giant blood drop (our mascot’s name is “Buddy Blood Drop”)
-“Disaster Dog” (another Red Cross mascot; see photo above)
-A blood donor (complete with a “Be nice to me, I gave blood today!” sticker, a bandaged arm, a fake bag of blood, and a doughnut in hand)
-A Vietnam Donut Dolly
Dr. Charles Drew (the “father of blood banking”)
-American Red Cross founder Clara Barton
CPR Annie (the dummy)
-A Red Cross Pirate…?!

Whatever you decide to dress as, remember to be safe out there (just like your mom, the Red Cross feels compelled to say this every time we talk with you).
Photo: Costume inspiration! Red Cross mascots Buddy Blood Drop, Disaster Dog and the Vintage Red Cross Gals