Please (don’t) Ignore the Man Behind the Big Red “X”

Something incredible has just come to my attention. It’s called Safety Graphic Fun and it’s a blog dedicated to the graphics and signage that make our world little safer. The website is currently having a caption contest to try and best label what might be going on in this picture. Pant-less man boarding a train? X-ray doors on a dumpster? You decide! Submit your caption and you may be a winner!!

Speaking of all things safe and logo-ey (I’m creating new words here), I have a logo that means safety and preparedness worldwide. The Red Cross symbol is an image people everywhere associate with relief, safety, humanity, education, and compassion. You can learn more about the Red Cross mission and what we are all about here.

And make sure you don’t do whatever it is that the above image tells you not to do. I may not know what’s going on in that picture, but I do know that it’s not safe….