Meet SAM Volunteer Cute Irish Nick

If Robin and I could pick any Red Cross National Society to go work for, there’s no question that we’d be heading to Australia.

There are a ton of reasons why this is true (and I don’t want to link to any of them, as I’ll blog them in the future), but I’ll give you a quick taste of the awesomeness down under today.

Today I’m mentioning the “Save A Mate” (SAM) program, run by young people for young people.

It “aims to promote health and wellbeing through education on key youth health issues, particularly those related to alcohol, drug use and mental health.” The training is currently delivered to more than 10,000 young people annually and approximately 150 youth events and festivals are attended by SAM volunteers, where safe partying, peer support, health promotion and first aid is provided.

And, oh yeah, it’s in partnership with MTV Australia. Hey American Red Cross! When are we partnering with a cool cable channel again?

Anyway, let’s begin by meeting SAM volunteer Cute Irish Nick.