March is Red Cross Month!

Today marks the beginning of Red Cross Month! No matter what your cause or passion, you can find endless volunteer opportunities through the Red Cross!

Donate Blood: The Red Cross provides nearly half of the nation’s blood supply to patients in 3,000 hospitals around the country through its national network. The Pacific Northwest Blood Services Region strives to collect nearly 5,000 donations weekly to meet the needs of accident victims, cancer patients, and other ill or injured people who need transfusions. We serve more than 80 hospitals in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Call 1-800 RED CROSS or schedule your appointment online.

Teach CPR, Emergency Preparedness and More: Sudden cardiac arrest claims the lives of more than 200,000 people in the U.S. every year. As many as twelve children between the ages of four and 19 are injured every minute. Become trained to provide lifesaving skills by teaching First Aid, CPR and even Emergency Preparedness classes!

Bring Relief to Victims of Disasters: Fires, floods, earthquakes, snowstorms….Disasters can be difficult and sometimes impossible to predict. Join the Disaster Action Team, which operates 24 hours a day to provide aid for those facing emergencies. In the winter, volunteer with our Warming Centers to deliver comfort to those most vulnerable from the freezing temperatures.

Finally, office and community volunteers are always needed to further support our operations!