Tsunami Tips and Resources

(EDIT: The Tsunami threat appears to be over. However, the potential for strong aftershocks could result in more activity. If you are in a Tsunami Hazard zone, it is advisable to be prepared regardless of the situation.)

Late Thursday night (PST) a shallow 8.9 earthquake (one of the most powerful in recorded history) struck off the east coast of Japan, and created a major tsunami. A Tsunami Warning was issued for the Oregon Coast, with a predicted time of arrival just after 7 AM Friday. Tsunamis are highly unpredictable, yet the strength of the quake and early reports from Japan suggested precautions be taken. Here are some of the top links for tsunami preparedness and monitoring;

Oregon Red Cross Tsunami Preparedness Tips
West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (for Hawaii and Pacific Ocean nations and territories; with reports of the tsunami’s progress)
Oregon Department of Geology Tsunami Hazard Maps and Evacuation Brochures
National Data Buoy Center (monitors Pacific Ocean wave activity)

You can also check for Red Cross updates through our national Twitter feed.

Image: Tsunami Travel Times, NOAA