Pink Martini Single Helps Japan

Did you manage to score that Beastie Boys 7″ on Record Store Day? No? Well, you’re not alone — I hear that it sold out within two hours, which means great support for Red Cross Japan relief efforts.
The good news is that I’ve got another hot music tip for you, and this one’s from a band that’s a little closer to home — Portland’s own beloved Pink Martini.
Working with the folks at Starbucks, the band created the single “Yuuzuki,” with guest vocals from Japanese actress, Saori Yuki. Better yet, all net proceeds from the purchase of the song on iTunes go to support Red Cross efforts in Japan.
You can read the entire interview with Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale (who played piano accompaniment for all my high school musicals!), but I’ll include one question below:
What instruments do we hear in this arrangement?

What don’t you hear?! This piece has “kick-ass” drums, it has bongo, congas, bass, 12-piece strings sections, harp, koto, the flute (played by Tadashi Nagai –the former Consul General to Japan for Oregon and also the Japanese ambassador to Serbia & Montenegro), The Pacific Youth Choir and piano. We put it together very quickly and I love it!