Zombies invade University of Oregon

If you check this blog often, you probably know we like to mention zombies. However much of the time it is about the potential zombies have for causing harm, not doing good. Students at the University of Oregon are using zombies to help with a disaster, instead of cause one.

The game of Humans vs. Zombies is a version of tag, in which a single zombie is tasked with converting humans by tagging them. The humans are armed with Nerf guns or socks, that stun zombies to allow escape. After an hour of being tagged, the human turns zombie and starts the hunt for their former allies. Typically the games are played under the radar, but at UO they surprisingly received Administration’s approval. That might be because participants were encouraged to obtain a sponsor that would donate money to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund based upon how much time the person is human.

The game is continuing until Sunday, May 29th, so even though these zombies have a heart we are rooting for the humans to last as long as they can.

Photo: UO Daily Emerald