This Holiday Season, Give Where the Need is Greatest.

A fire or earthquake is never expected. It’s a traumatic experience for anyone, especially those who are left without a way to provide food for themselves or their loved ones. But in our area, the most common disaster this holiday season will be a single family house fire. Imagine going to bed at night and waking up to your screaming smoke alarm hours later. You make it out of the house with your family, but you’re all in your pajamas. No one is wearing shoes and you don’t have your wallet. The reality begins to set in that you don’t have anywhere to go and you don’t have the ability to cook your kids breakfast in the morning. What will you do?
For thousands of disaster victims every year, this scenario is very much a reality. That’s why the Red Cross is there; to help disaster victims rebuild their lives by providing shelter and hot meals to give them strength for the difficult journey they may have ahead. You can help provide quality meals for those in need by donating this holiday season. Your donation of $30 will feed three people, $50 will feed five and $300 will feed 30. Anything you are able to give will comfort those who are in the midst of a disaster.
Go to to learn about the many ways you can help here at home, around the nation and around the world. Give Something that Means Something through the Holiday Giving Catalog.
On behalf of all of us at the American Red Cross, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!