Saying Thank You

Today I learned a lesson about how one person can touch many lives. No, not through giving blood, or using and AED, or any of those kinds of things.

Through printing.

I have a coworker named Shane who runs the copy center downstairs. Anytime I need large amounts of things printed (flyers, brochures, posters, invitations, etc.) I send the job to him. More often than not, it’s a last-minute request. (“Oh my gosh, I need a thousand of these printed in color, cut to size, and collated by 9:30am! Can you do that?!”) And every time, Shane does the job in a fraction of the time I request and delivers them to me with a giant smile. Never complaining, and always making my stressed-out moments brighter with his wide-eyed grin.

I was talking with my coworker, Dede, about this during Campaign Red and she said “You know, he has saved me a zillion times too! Let’s make him a giant candy gram to thank him!”

And so Dede got five giant chocolate bars and wrapped them in red tissue paper. Then we got a huge piece of red poster board, and we wrote a big thank you on it.

We decided to take it around the office and see if anyone else would like to sign it. And it turns out EVERYONE did. Every person I approached was so excited to sign the card, and their eyes lit up with gratitude as they told me their stories of how Shane has helped them.

It made me realize how much the “small” things add up and how much impact one person can have on many.

Thanks Shane!

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