A Thousand Words

This morning in the all-staff meeting I gave a presentation on how to take good photos.

Then we played a game I call Alright! or Not Quite. I would show a photo, and if it was well-framed and compelling everyone would shout “Alright!” If it wasn’t quite great they would say “Not quite.” Then we would discuss what could be changed in the shot to make it “Alright!”

Why am I mentioning this? Because you too can play this exciting game! I am in the process of uploading our photos to our new Flickr account and would really appreciate feedback. So go there, and if you see a nice photo leave an “Alright!” in the comments. And if you see one you think could use improvement, feel free to comment with “Not quite” and a suggestion for how to take that type of shot better (or how to fix the existing pic).

Good photos are really important to help us tell our story and our clients’ stories. Thanks for your help!


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