Walk & Knock

Well, our feet are aching, but we’ve all got smiles on our faces. Today was a very rewarding day. We walked throughout the entire Humboldt neighborhood bringing hundreds of families preparedness materials. My partner, Erica, and I knocked on 106 doors and talked to 24 families. And we were just one team out of many.

We were lucky that it stopped raining almost the minute we headed out the door. And the people we talked to were all really glad to see us. They knew about the Red Cross (most of them even knew we were coming because we sent out a postcard about it a week ago) and were thankful to get tips on fire safety and free disaster supplies. It was a challenge to convince a few of the people that we weren’t there to sell anything. We had to say, “No really, take this stuff for free. We just want to help you get prepared,” and then they would hesitate for a moment (presumably to analyze if we were really serious) and then smile and say, “…Oh!…Um, Thanks!”

As promised, see the pictures from today on our Flickr.

Tomorrow is the preparedness fair at Humboldt elementary. I’ll be there photographing that as well. So stay tuned, and cross your fingers for us that it doesn’t rain!