Together We Prepare Our Neighborhood

Tomorrow we hit the streets! We’re starting a brand new project in which four times a year the whole staff takes a day to visit one neighborhood  – a neighborhood we’ve identified through looking at our response data as an area with frequent home fires – and knock on doors offering preparedness information and materials to residents. And for our first ever “Together We Prepare Our Neighborhood” event, we’re literally preparing our neighborhood – the Humbodlt neighborhood just north of our building in North Portland. 

Rain or shine it should be an interesting day. Walking from house to house, everyone in their Red Cross red t-shirts, delivering preparedness materials and helping people learn how to be ready. We’re also hosting a preparedness fair on Saturday which promises to be fun.
People keep saying “This is about the Red Cross showing up before rather than after a disaster happens.” It’s true. We’d much rather help prevent fires by getting people prepared than to show up to help people after they’ve already lost everything. (Of course we love to help no matter what. That’s what we do. But as they say, “An ounce of prevention…”)
Anyway, If you’re in the Humbodlt neighborhood, I’ll see you tomorrow! For everyone else, I’ll be posting photos on our Flickr.

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