A Warm Welcome to Gail!

If you hadn’t already heard the news, this morning the American Red Cross announced the selection of our new President and CEO, Gail McGovern.

Though she won’t start until June 23, I’m already excited. Why? Because of this one little line in the announcement:

“Currently, she is a member of the faculty of Harvard Business School, teaching marketing in the MBA and Executive programs.”

Sure, Gail has done tons of other things — co-chairing a Johns Hopkins University fundraising campaign, being recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the most powerful and influential women in corporate America, and holding top managment positions at AT&T and Fidelity Investments.

But for me, the big news is the marketing connection. I happen to be a little biased, but I truly believe that people with these skills are good communicators, know the value of building personal relationships and are diplomatic, savvy and forward-thinking. All qualities that I’m certain Gail will possess as our new CEO!

P.S. One other fun fact about Gail…when she was 9, she was asked to write a paper on a famous American/hero. Who’d she pick? Clara Barton, of course!