Our Chapter Makes National News

Okay, that’s a bit of a misnomer. It should probably read “Our Chapter Makes National’S News,” if I’m being honest. But really, it’s just as exciting as CNN or Newsweek for us.

You see, when I come across a great story, I don’t just pitch it to local reporters, I also pitch it to http://www.redcross.org/, our national organization’s Web site.

And, I feel fortunate that they’ve picked up stories about OTC volunteers Lisa Orth and Carolyn Gross and posted them — front and center — before.

Today’s story, however, hits closer to home. This one’s about one of my fellow bloggers, Polly Alexander, who helped a Seaside woman find out what happened to her aunt and uncle during World War II. Polly hunted down the info using the Red Cross’ Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Center, which is a tremendous and FREE resource.

I’ll let you read the article to see what Ruth Lindemann found out. But I can tell you that this story has already generated at least one new inquiry from another Oregonian. We do a lot of things around here, but connecting lives is one of the very best.