Can Country Music Change a Life?

Let me start by saying I’m not the biggest fan of country music. Twang makes me shudder and any mention of trucks or rodeos will cause me to promptly cover my ears and whimper like a puppy who has just been aurally accosted by the sound of a screeching siren.

That said, I actually like…yes, like…this new video by Rascal Flatts. I gave it a chance because they are a Grammy-winning country-pop band and members of the American Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet. AND they actually featured the Red Cross in this video!
Turns out there are no rodeos or pick-up trucks, but rather a whole lot of heart. (You might want to have a tissue handy if you’re as sappy as I am.) It’s about everyday people helping each other in emergency situations, and the chorus repeats, “Every day you save my life.” If this video inspires even one person to take action in an emergency situation, then country music will have literally changed a life.

“Every Day” by Rascal Flatts. No rodeos. Guaranteed.