Our New Blog Tagline

Do you see it? Up above?

Yesterday, the marketing team was messing around with our e-mail signatures to see if we might use that as a tool to promote the blog. After a lot of trial and error with malfunctioning fonts, we left work using “Fun, informative and updated daily.”

How blah is that?

Those who know me are well aware that I get, well, a little fixated on things. And, more often than not, that thing is work (or, more specifically, words). So when I got home, I still couldn’t stop thinking about the tagline.

And then it hit me. Shouldn’t we have something that ties to the fact that we are the Red Cross? We still wanted the “updated daily” part, as it will force us to stick to a frequent schedule and hopefully grow our readership, but shouldn’t the rest be a little less generic?

After mulling it over for a little bit, I settled on what you see above. As of today, it’s on our e-mail signatures and on the header of the blog.

We like it…what about you?