5.2 Earthquake Hits Midwest

A 5.2 Earthquake shook Illinois this morning.  I know what you’re thinking. “In the Midwest??” Yes. In the Midwest.  Growing up in the midwest, I assumed that Earthquakes were something for only San Franciscans to be concerned about. But that is far from true. The New Madrid Fault line is big. This quake was caused by the Wabash Fault, a northern extension of the New Madrid Fault, and its effects were felt all the way to Atlanta.

Fortunately there was no significant damage, but this brings up two important reminders:
1. If this had been a more destructive quake, and you had Midwestern family members you needed to check on, how would do it? Phone lines could be down or just tied up with traffic. You would go to SafeandWell.org. Go there now and register so that in disaster you and your family members can post your status. (I’m not just preachin’ here. I myself am registered, but my family isn’t yet. I’m going to email them about it today.)

2. Are you prepared for an earthquake when (not if) it happens here? Build a kit, make a plan, be informed.
P.S. Speaking of earthquakes, it’s worth mentioning that today is also the anniversary of the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906.