My Problem With Today’s Oregonian

While we blogged the possibility of one giant earthquake hitting our area yesterday, The Oregonian published their article today.

Generally, I like The O and this article is definitely fascinating, but the end is a big disappointment. Here’s the quote:

Regardless of the colors on the latest version of the maps, experts stressed that Oregonians should be prepared for a major earthquake.

“People now know that this is earthquake country, this is tsunami country — that we need to be prepared,” said Scott Burns, a professor of geology at Portland State University.

And then…nothing.

Sure, write a big article talking about the dangers of a ginormous earthquake, tell people that they need to be prepared (including a “Be Prepared” headline on page A4) and then say absolutely nothing about how they can actually DO IT.

The good news is that that the Red Cross can pick up where The O left off. We can teach you how to get a kit, make a plan and be informed. We can give you specific tips about how to be prepared for an earthquake (and a tsunami as well). And we can even do free disaster training classes for groups of 10 or more (think schools, churches or workplaces).

You can also check out our Together We Prepare Oregon site for the specific types of disasters that are most likely to impact our region and how best to be prepared.

And no, I’m not just ranting here. I really did send an e-mail to The O to urge them to go beyond just informing readers to educating them as well, especially when it comes to something as devasting as a large-scale disaster. Here’s hoping Oregonians are smart enough to seek these important tips out themselves, even when the media doesn’t make it easy.
(Photo from heypaul)