Help! The Red Cross is Making Me Watch NASCAR!

I feel about NASCAR pretty much the same way that Robin feels about country music. Actually, I feel that way about country music too, but that’s another story…we’re talking NASCAR.

If you turned your TV on right now, you’d see Talladega just getting started on FOX. And if you looked for the No. 16 Ford Fusion, you’d see the Red Cross logo (which is hopefully compliant with our new brand standards) in all its glory.

Why? Because driver Greg Biffle is a Red Cross blood donor and Celebrity Cabinet member, and all this hoopla is kicking off a new Web site/competition where people can win rewards for donating blood. It’s free to enter and the grand prize is a VIP, all-expenses paid trip for two to the Phoenix race.

So I’ll admit it. This partnership makes me love NASCAR just a little bit more. Maybe even enough to turn on the TV and look for the car. I can’t promise I’ll watch more than a couple minutes, but that’s already more than I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Geez, the things I do for the Red Cross…


  • I saw Biffle on television right before I read your comment. He was explaining the Red Cross on his car for this weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to say, though, that I’m surprised that you and Robin, being in marketing and public relations for Red Cross, are allowed to speak openly about your non-acceptance of NASCAR and country music. I don’t think you have to worry that some NASCAR fans won’t give blood because of that, though. I know the contest will go very well because NASCAR fans are a great group of people.

  • Lynette made such a good comment that I thought I’d share my response here as well as on her blog ( — check it out!).

    “The wonderful thing about blogging is that it gives people a chance to see a human face on a huge organization…foibles, likes, dislikes and all. By knowing who we are (and I guarantee you, there are plenty of NASCAR and country music lovers within the Red Cross), people can see that we’re real, honest and not just paid to say nice things.

    On the other hand, that I blogged about the partnership, that you read it, that at least one more person now knows what we’re doing, means that awareness is growing, no matter what my personal preferences are!”

    I’ll add one more thought — the blogs posts indicate that both Robin and I are changing our perceptions of things that we thought we didn’t like. So maybe we’ll be more open-minded in the future!

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