Farewell Fun Auditors!

The first thing Jane said when she got here on Monday was, “Where’s that girl from the blog?” Jane is a white-haired retired woman from Florida…and an auditor. Not the typical person you’d picture if you thought of the words “blog reader.” (But we’re happy you are one, Jane!)

Jane and her fellow internal auditors are volunteers. They give their time to travel across the country and sit under a pile of boring papers for a week. And, according to them, they actually like it! I’d find it hard to believe except for the smiles on their faces. They were even great sports about giving me a silly thumbs up for the photo.
But, sadly, now they are leaving. We wish them safe travels and thank them for all their work. 
Oh, and p.s., Jane had this fantastic necklace that was apparently designed by the wife of former American Red Cross chairman, Norman Augustine. I took a photo of it. Look!