Yao Ming + Red Cross: Behind the Scenes of the China Earthquake PSA

If you follow the NBA, you may have already seen Yao Ming‘s Red Cross public service announcement. (Click here to play the PSA.)
Even more moving (in my opinion) than his televised plea for assistance in China, is the short behind the scenes video of the PSA filming. Watch it here. You can tell it’s a challenge for him to find the right words in English to express his feelings, but what he says is very poignant… “I feel so bad for all the people living there…I don’t have experience in how to help over there, you know, but I do the best I can do.”
Yao Ming is supporting relief efforts in other ways too. Last week he donated over $71,000 to help earthquake survivors. 
(Thanks to Wendy for the links.)
(Photo via Club Yao, the official Yao Ming Fan Club.)