CPR Class with Steve Carrell

There are two reasons that I don’t watch Saturday Night Live on Saturday nights. One is because I’m out, actually having a life. The other is because I’m asleep.

Generally, however, I wake up on Sunday morning and watch while eating breakfast. It gives me a chance to fast-forward through the commercials and lame sketches and focus in on the stuff that’s actually funny.

This week — the season finale — was one of those rare occasions where there’s a pretty decent abundance of the latter. And though I didn’t get to watch until tonight, I broke away from the TV because I just HAD to share.

OH MY GOD. Steve Carrell taught a CPR class! And though he talks about the American Heart Association and “hands-only” CPR (we call it “compression only” around here), at the end of the clip there was a ginormous American Red Cross logo.

And even though we wouldn’t condone this particular teaching method, I thought all you other first aid/CPR junkies might get a kick out of it.

You can also watch the video here.