Pistons v. Celtics

I was watching the Pistons/Celtics game yesterday (Pistons stomped ’em, by the way). Since it was a Memorial Day game, they spent time before tip off honoring people who had served our country. They had uniformed members of the army, navy, airforce, marines, coast guard, AND – at the very end of the line standing in a nifty red and white vest – a Red Cross volunteer!

It was exciting to see a Red Cross member standing next to representatives of other service branches, being recognized for our contributions to our country on such a special day.

My grandpa was a Ranger in World War II. He parachuted behind Nazi lines the day before D-Day to start securing supply routes. He has nothing but kind words for the Red Cross, and he’s proud that his grandson is working for them.

I hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day yesterday, and also remembers why it’s a national holiday.