Check Out Our Acrylic Pointy Thing!

So we were wrapping up our staff meeting last week, when our boss Gareth said, “Oh, I have a gift for all of you.”

Robin, Erica and I looked at each other, completely mystified.

From out in the hallway, we heard him talking with our CEO Thomas. “Do you have it?” “Where is it?” “Can you bring it in?”


Imagine our surprise when Thomas came in with this weird looking acrylic pointy thing which, as it turns out, was our Best in the West award for this very blog!

Check it out above and congratulations to everyone who works hard to make this blog both possible and super duper awesome.

By the way, there are about 20 different fonts on the award so we’re pretty sure it doesn’t meet graphic standards. Instead of simply being excited, that was the very first thing we all pointed out. We’re such design nerds…