LOST: Jack Gives Charlie CPR

As promised, here is your daily video in celebration of CPR/AED Awareness Week.

Are you a Lost fan? We’re all obsessive Losties around here. Perhaps it’s the element of disaster response embedded into the plot line, or perhaps it’s that most of the women here think Sawyer is totally swoon-worthy…

Either way, we think you’ll enjoy this suspenseful clip from Season 1 of Lost in which Jack rescues Charlie from a tree where the evil Ethan has left him hanging unconscious. (And Kate cries. As always.) Apparently Jack made it through medical school without learning how to do CPR very well (I don’t remember seeing “First, furiously beat the victim with your fist and then throw your hands up in defeat,” in the CPR handbook), but the Lost island works in mysterious ways so I guess if it’s possible to have smoke monsters and tropical polar bears then it’s possible to save a person with shoddy CPR there…. (Watch below or click here.)

Do you know how to do CPR better than Jack? If not, you may want to look up classes here. And to learn how to be even more prepared than Locke, click here.

By the way, fun fact: Daniel Dae Kim who plays Jin on Lost was a past member of the American Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet. Does that mean I can say that I’m two degrees of separation from an actual Lostie? (Please say yes.)

(Thank you to super-Lost-fan Erica for remembering this scene so we could find it on YouTube.)