The Survival Mom’s Pantry

“The Survival Mom” started a popular blog and website about being prepared for anything.  But check out her pantry, which was featured on the today show… if you look close […]

Got A Fever? …And Not For More Cowbell?

Saturday Night Live jokes aside, fall weather has arrived, meaning cold and flu season! For Red Cross blood donors, cold, flu and other symptoms of illness are listed as our […]

A Lady Always Prepares…

All rights reserved by bluepoolimages Women are generally the most prepared people I know. You’re hungry? She’s got a snack. You’re cranky? She’s got a toy. You broke your leg?  […]

Friday Final Cut

It has been a busy week in this post-Hurricane, post-Earthquake, pre-Velociraptor society, with a plethora of stories we weren’t able to blog. So here’s your final cut… everything that we […]

Irene Recovery: Your Help is Needed

While Hurricane and Tropical Storm Irene has come and gone, the Red Cross and Government Agencies are still working to determine the extent of the damage. The Red Cross has […]

Winter Is Coming…

Okay, I will admit that Game of Thrones has sucked me in. Yet apparently NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and House Stark share the same warning, ‘Winter Is Coming’. […]