In case of Emergency: Break Barriers to Preparation (Not the Bank)

Should you quit smoking?


Should you eat less daily ice cream? Probably.

Should you be prepared for an emergency?


But are you?

As a Health Communication Professional, I am interested in the reasons why people who know they should change a behavior (quit smoking, reduce ice cream intake), do not. In other words, what are their barriers to behavior change. What stops them?

As I begin blogging at the Red Cross, I am becoming pretty critical of my own level of emergency preparedness. I’m very aware that I should prepare an Emergency Kit for my home, but I haven’t. WHY?!

I needed to learn more about my own barriers to preparation in order to overcome them and get ready for an emergency. Upon personal reflection I found that the prep. barriers in my own life include: Perceived Cost of a Kit, and Fear of an Emergency.

Perceived Cost

Before I read the Be Red Cross Ready list of things I need for my kit, I wasn’t aware that you could make so much of your own kit at the 99¢ Store! It turns out that most basic ingredients for a kit can be pretty inexpensive. Also, it occurred to me that having at least some of these things was better than having none at all. Plus, you can build your kit over time: when you happen to be at the grocery store grab a first aid kit, grab (and wash) a Goodwill blanket when you get a chance.

Fear of an Emergency

I’m scared, though convinced, that an emergency will occur. Frankly, creating a kit makes me admit that something could happen to me and my loved ones. I know that’s a fear I have to overcome. So, rather than treating Emergency Preparation as an omen, I’ve decided to think of it as a Scavenger Hunt, or a great date idea. Collecting cans of your favorite food, goofy playing cards, and other prepare-aphernalia can be a charming experience. Take your kids, your friends, your beau!

It felt good to figure out why I wasn’t prepared.

What is preventing you from creating an Emergency Preparation Kit? Think about it, maybe we can come up with some solutions together!