Prepare-aphernalia: Map Mega Sale

As a ‘Geo Geek’, I have a love for paper maps – even if they are a bit old fashioned compared to modern technology. In the past we have talked […]

Emergency Design

Most of us are all too familiar with images of tent-cities sprung up around the world wherever disaster strikes or the sea of FEMA trailers planted in New Orleans and […]

Prepare-aphernalia: Office Edition

Here on the blog we spend a lot of time talking about being prepared. We’re pretty sure that a magnitude 9 or so earthquake (that will cause extensive damage and […]

Partying With The Band-Aids Awesome bandages are one of our favorite prepare-aphernalia to talk about on the blog. And the glory of the “WHAT HAPPENED Bandages” is NOW, you don’t have to explain […]

Prepare-aphernalia: Video Game Armor

We often talk about preparedness and readiness around here, with the realistic (earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes) and the not-so-realistic (zombies, vampires, velociraptors). The idea is if you are prepared for something […]

Prepare-aphernalia: Spark Awards ‘Highlights’

The Spark! Awards is an international participatory design competition, and their 2011 Design Content winners have several interesting ideas for incorporating preparedness. You likely have had to deal with a […]

Prepare-Razzi: Prepare with Flare

When preparing for an emergency, one must have the essentials. Luckily, the contents of an Emergency Preparedness Kit can be collected inexpensively and at most grocery or drug stores (water, […]