Prepare-Razzi: Prepare with Flare

When preparing for an emergency, one must have the essentials. Luckily, the contents of an Emergency Preparedness Kit can be collected inexpensively and at most grocery or drug stores (water, flashlight, first aid kit, more). For the sake of sanity during an emergency, we suggest that you add something special to your preparedness kit (a favorite food, game).

But what about the finer things in fires? I present to you the Prepare-Razzi Kit by Kate (feel free to make your own.)

Food (non-perishable): Foie Gras

“Non perishable” unfortunately excludes lobster (and most shellfish), caviar, and vegetarian Pâté from our very fabulous kit. But fear not, for $54, you can enjoy Rougie’s “shelf-stable” foie gras with port and truffles for up to two years! Two years is perfect as that is when you should be replacing everything in your kit. Keep in mind it’s pretty heavy in calories and sodium, but an emergency’s an emergency! Bon Appétit!

First Aid Kit: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton recreated a Limited Edition Red Cross medical trunk for a Sotheby’s auction for the Nigerien Red Cross Fighting Malnutrition Programme in 2009. The Trunk was valued at an estimated £10,000–15,000, grab one!

Something Fun: Vino

Wine. Why not? Besides the issue of weight, wine can age for a couple of years in a cool, dark place. You can open it with your multi-purpose tool and split it (please split it) with friends and family (21+).

No Multi Purpose Tool?: Then try the “Emergency Corkscrew” a French product from l’Atelier du Vin for the “Bottles that just can’t wait.”

Keep in mind that you want to keep your kit decently light and highly accessible (perhaps we don’t keep it in the Butler’s pantry?).

For the rest of us there’s: Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit (1 adult, for three days).

[Note: We don’t endorse, nor sell, the prepare-aphernalia products we feature here. We just like to share cool stuff we come across.]

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