Be Prepared For The Day…

“Be prepared” for the day with Pioneer Schools Coffee Cart at our Portland Donor Center! …love the white chocolate/cherry “A.R.C.” blend!

Where Do You Fit?

Graphic courtesy of socialgraphics.files.wordpress.comNo matter what your blood type, the need is constant. Sign up to donate at or 1-800 RED CROSS today!

The Most Selfless Vanity Plate In The World

A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood. This driver “walks the walk” or actually…”drives the drive” by building blood donation awareness via license […]

Thanksgiving Day Blood Drives!

Give of yourself this holiday, start a great Thanksgiving tradition for you and your family by helping to save a life. Join us on Thursday, November 24th for one of […]

Earthquake Fish

Throw it Back! ( Here at the Red Cross we’ve always been interested in Busting Myths but today, I’m just interested in some excellent, highly cultural myths to sink my […]