Keep doing #Just1Thing to Prepare

National preparedness month has ended and so has our annual #Just1Thing Campaign. We know that getting ready can be overwhelming, so even though September has ended we hope you will […]

Are your kids and pets prepared?

We are well into National Preparedness Month and also halfway through our annual #just1thing contest. We want to help you prepared and thanks to our great partners at the Public […]

The #just1thing You Can Do To Be Prepared Contest! In honor of National Preparedness Month, we’re bringing back our incredibly awesome Twitter and Facebook contest! The Oregon Red Cross and […]

A Lady Always Prepares…

All rights reserved by bluepoolimages Women are generally the most prepared people I know. You’re hungry? She’s got a snack. You’re cranky? She’s got a toy. You broke your leg?  […]

Hurricane Irene Impacts Blood Supply

The American Red Cross is moving blood products to the areas most likely to be affected by Hurricane Irene so that these products will be available during and after the […]

Prepare-Razzi: Prepare with Flare

When preparing for an emergency, one must have the essentials. Luckily, the contents of an Emergency Preparedness Kit can be collected inexpensively and at most grocery or drug stores (water, […]

FEMA Challenge Winners…And A Request

Our friend James Roddey sent me a note yesterday that tipped me off to FEMA’s Challenge Award contest winners. [How I missed this entire contest, I have no idea!] Here’s […]