FEMA Challenge Winners…And A Request

Our friend James Roddey sent me a note yesterday that tipped me off to FEMA’s Challenge Award contest winners. [How I missed this entire contest, I have no idea!]

Here’s the note and a request straight from the Prophet of Doom himself:
The Map Your Neighborhood program from Washington’s Emergency Management Division recently won an award from FEMA.

MYN is a great program that many of us use or have taken ideas from. But what I found really interesting is there were 186 other submissions for the Challenge Award on the FEMA site and there are enough great ideas in these submissions to give us all a dozen new directions for community based preparedness.
If you get a chance, let me know your favorites.So take a look and let us know what inspires you. I sent James a note with about 20 top picks — share yours in the comments!