VIDEO: Count On Us

I’m not sure how much you know about the AmeriCorps program, but I’ll attempt to describe it in one word…invaluable.

Thanks to AmeriCorps, nonprofits nationwide have incredible people on their team — people like our very own bloggers Robin and Nate, both of whom came through that program. I’m not sure why I didn’t know more about AmeriCorps when I was just out of school — I’m pretty sure it’s the type of service work (especially the NCCC team!) I’d have loved to do for a year or two.
In any case, this video will give you just a little taste of what our AmeriCorps members do for the Red Cross and many other organizations nationwide. And, if you want to get involved here in Oregon, visit our website!
** Funny thing — I was about two feet out of the frame for the “Mississippi” shot in the beginning of the video. We tailed along with this exact AmeriCorps team as they did community outreach in Vicksburg…truly a great bunch of guys! **