Prepare-aphernalia: Map Mega Sale

As a ‘Geo Geek’, I have a love for paper maps – even if they are a bit old fashioned compared to modern technology. In the past we have talked about some pretty amazing maps found online, including natural disaster risks and even a map with key factors for your zombie plan. However when a disaster strikes there is a good chance you won’t have access to the internet or even power, making traditional maps a nice item to have in your emergency preparedness kit! And right now the USGS is running a pretty sweet sale on many of their products.

From now through June 4th they have over 60,000 items for just $1! Most are variously scaled maps, including their popular 1:24,000 series. Doing a quick state search, they have over 2,200 items related to Oregon alone! Deals are up to 87% off, and in addition to typical printed maps there are also many digital products (delivered on CD) available. Some are great for disaster preparedness (like earthquake hazards along I-5 in the Willamette Valley) while others would be nice to have for recreation (such as a map for Crater Lake). Do beware of the shipping and handling prices, as maps are rather pricey to mail.