Prepare-aphernalia: Map Mega Sale

As a ‘Geo Geek’, I have a love for paper maps – even if they are a bit old fashioned compared to modern technology. In the past we have talked […]

New Tsunami Inundation Maps

This week the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries released three new tsunami inundation maps. The three Oregon coast maps are for: Manzanita-Nehalem Nehalem East Rockaway Beach  What I […]

Map Out Your Zombie Plan!

If there was a zombie apocalypse, where would you go? The ‘Organ Trail’ suggested coming to Oregon, but we are already here! Have no fear – there is a map […]

Another Mapstravaganza. Thanks, Google!

Google rocks! They made an interactive map of all the shelters on the gulf coast. You can click on the icons for details about each shelter.  And speaking of maps […]

Tracking Ike

Adding to yesterday’s list, here are some more hurricane tracking resources for you: – Weather Undergound’s tropical section. Interactive maps, satellite views, global sea temperatures, etc. They also have a […]

The Mapstravaganza Continues…

Do timelines count as maps? I think they do. A timeline is sort of like a map of events. Anyway, check out these disaster timelines that Claire B. Rubin, social […]

More maps!

View Larger Map Another map for you. Wendy over at Red Cross Chat is making some very interesting maps lately. This one is of the many multi-family fires that have […]

It’s a mapstravaganza!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a map is worth a thousand numbers.  It’s much easier to get a quick scope of things by looking at a […]