Tracking Ike

Adding to yesterday’s list, here are some more hurricane tracking resources for you:

Weather Undergound’s tropical section. Interactive maps, satellite views, global sea temperatures, etc.
They also have a site configured specifically for the iPhone. Very cool for those of us iGeeks who want to keep constantly informed.
StormPulse. Probably the most intuitive, sleek hurricane mapping I’ve seen. You just stay on the one big map and toggle different features on and off, like: radar, historical track of the storm’s path, forecast models, wind probabilities, and more. 
– And of course the official NOAA page for Hurricane Ike. Still the best site for official alerts and advisories. They also have RSS feeds and even podcasts of official briefings! 
And of course, don’t forget to follow the national American Red Cross on Twitter and the Hurricane Ike Online Newsroom for updates on shelters and other Red Cross response.