Category 1, 2, 3…What’s the difference?

Category 1, Category 2, Category 3… so what’s the difference? Watch this. I wish I could show this animation to everyone – especially some media who blow off (no pun intended) a Category 2 (like Gustav) as if it were just a shower with a gentle breeze. If the animation doesn’t give a clear enough picture, look at these photos. People’s houses are destroyed. 
Gustav was no walk in the park, and we’re still dealing with it. You want to help
By the way, I’m sure you also know that Ike is coming. People along the Gulf Coast of Texas are evacuating in the face of what could become a gigantic storm, and 34 Oregonians have already been deployed to help. We’re going to need your help with that too. 
And speaking of help,  here are a few helpful resources for tracking Ike updates:
Hurricane Ike Online Newsroom – Red Cross Photos/Shelter Stats/Audio & Video Reports
This site is keeping a running list of twitter channels covering Ike, including:

Maintained by NOAA-NHC staff.

Official twitter stream for the American Red Cross.

Houston blogger.

A single source for all of the Houston Chronicle’s hurricane tweets.

Eric Berger, The Houston Chronicle’s storm tracking SciGuy.

The official Twitter for the American-Statesman’s Hurricane Ike coverage.

Tracking hurricane and tropical storm news and warnings for the coastal United States.

The official Twitter of KSAT 12 Weather. Tracking Hurricane Ike and will file tweets from San Antonio and beyond.

Storm chaser heading for Galveston, Tx.

Hurricane Ike Info for Port Aransas & N. Padre Island.

Uniting New Media Communities for National Preparedness.

Also, if you’re in Ike’s path please remember to register yourself on or call 1-800-RedCross so that your loved ones will know if you’re okay.

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